The Min Uniques setting controls the minimum number of players that must be different when comparing any two lineups in your lineup pool. By default, it's set at one, which is the minimum value. Increasing this setting is a decent and broad way to increase the overall diversity of your lineup pool by making sure that lineups are enough different from each other to be in consideration. But as you're adjusting this, I would start with small adjustments. Even increasing to just two here will have a pretty substantial effect on your lineup diversity, and I wouldn't ever recommend going much higher than three because you'll start to sacrifice lineup quality and pretty significantly increase the time it takes to build your lineups.

If you're interested in getting more diversity in your lineup pool, one other thing I'd recommend is increasing your Sim precision slider instead. You can find that slider by toggling manual mode on here. Increasing the Sim precision slider will also increase the diversity of your lineups, but it will also increase the upside of your lineups by looking at a wider range of outcomes for each individual lineup in your pool. If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the SaberSim lineup building process, check out the rest of our videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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