SaberSim's Grouping Rules allow you to apply logic to force or avoid certain combinations of players in your lineups. To get started, you can click the Add Group Rule, and then you'll just want to check in the players that you want to include in that particular group. You can sort by any of the columns here and add other columns from the data that we have on the Projections tab by clicking this button. A nifty little trick you can use here is if you want to click in a bunch of players at once, for example, let's say I wanted to pick every player that had over 16% projected ownership on the slate. I can sort by this SS Own column, check the first player in, and then hold shift and click the last player that I want to include in that group, and it'll grab all of them at once.

Once I have my player group, I can click save. And then I just need to set the logic that this group has. So maybe in this case, because this is a high owned group of players, maybe I want to say less than or equal to three players from this group. If I want to add additional player groups to this rule, I can click Add Group and add in new player groups for this particular rule. And if I want to start over with a brand new set of logic to use, I can click the New Rule button and start over with a different player group from there. You can also save your player groups, giving them a name, and then load them in into future slates. Now, because SaberSim uses simulations and our correlation data automatically when you build lineups, if you're used to building a lot of player groups on another traditional optimizer, you probably won't need to build as many as you're used to.

Before you come in and start building a bunch of player groups, start with a test build where you build lineups on default settings without any groups at all, and review your lineups to see what you're getting. This will allow you to see what SaberSim's automating for you and allow you to build more targeted groups around specific combinations for that slate that you may want to emphasize or avoid. Also, play with flexibility. I recommend making use of the operators that do things like at least, or less than, or equal to, rather than the ones that do things like equal to, or not equal to, to give the builder a little bit more flexibility when building your lineups. If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out some of the other videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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