SaberSim's stacking rules have inclusive logic, which means the rule is met if the lineup that is created includes the stack that is in the rule. Let me show you what this actually means a little bit more in practice.

If we have this rule, for example, for a FanDuel baseball slate saying that we need at least four players from the same team, including only the Astros, Red Sox, Rangers, or Braves. This means every single lineup that we build using this setting will have at least four players from either the Astros, Red Sox, Rangers or Braves.

However, because you can build 4/4 stacks on FanDuel. This means, for example, that with this rule, we could get a lineup that has a Braves four stack, and, for example, a Brewers four stack. Because in this case the Braves stack satisfies the rule and the rest of the players are filled in with some other players available in the player pool.

If you want your stacking rules to describe the only combinations of players that can be used, I'd recommend creating another stacking rule to make sure you account for that. For example, in this case, we could go ahead and go back and create a new rule and say at least four players from the same team, meaning Astros, Red Sox, Rangers, and Braves, and then another stack that says at least four players from the same team with Astros, Red Sox, Rangers, and Braves.

Now with these two rules, the builder could, for example, start with that original Braves stack again, and use four players from the Braves, but then it would have to use another four players from either the Astros, Red Sox, or the Rangers to satisfy the other rule.

It's important to know how these stacking rules actually work within SaberSim to make sure that you're getting the lineups that you want in your lineup set.

If you have other questions about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out some of the other videos in our support documentation. And in the meantime, thank you for watching and good luck.

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