Creating stacking rules

How to define your rule

By clicking on the "Stacking" tab within the build settings window, you can define different types of stacking rules.

Each sport (except Golf) allows you to define a rule that requires at least, exactly, or no more than the number of players you specify from the same team or the same game. For NHL, you can also specify whether or not you want players from the same even strength and/or power play lines.

Any team highlighted in green is eligible for your stacking rule and you can remove them by simply clicking the team or position you don't want.

Keep this in mind...

If you define a rule based on "at least" or "exactly" a specific number of players, then that will guarantee your lineups all have a stack that matches that criteria, but it does NOT guarantee that that will be the only stack.

For example, if you set a rule to have exactly 3 players from the same team, then every lineup we create for you will have a set of 3 players from the same team, but it may also have a 4- or a 5-stack as well.

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