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The projections tab is where you establish a foundation to your lineups by setting the inputs that will ultimately be used in the lineup building process, and this mostly comes in the form of managing your player pool and adjusting player projections, ownership, projections, and min and max exposures. Let's walk through a few useful features on the projections tab. There's a lot of data to explore and research here, and it comes directly from our simulations. Take a look at the team totals, detailed stat projections, or click into a player to see that player's full range of outcomes and correlations to other players on the slate. The team totals, player projections, ownership projections, and minutes and max exposures are all editable, so you can get things dialed in exactly where you want them for that particular slate.

The player filters tool to the right of the projections heading can be a useful way to bulk include or exclude player, games, or teams by virtually any piece of data that you see on the projections tab. The upload button in the upper right corner can be a good way to bulk import your own data, and the table itself is totally customizable. Feel free to drag and drop your columns to get them in the order you want, or use the edit table columns button to customize the table completely based on what data you want to see on the projections tab. We do have some best practices that we recommend when using the projections tab. The first is to start with a test build where you actually don't make any adjustments overall in the projections tab. Run a build at default settings and see what kind of lineups you're getting. This will help guide your research into what teams and players to focus on when you return back to this screen.

When making adjustments to projections or ownership, projections, start small. Bump a player's projection or ownership by no more than 10% of the original projection as a starting point. This will still have an impact on your lineups, while also allowing you to take advantage of the powerful simulations backing SaberSim. And you'll have the opportunity to fine tune your lineups after they've been built, so don't stress about getting everything perfect here. Also, there isn't a requirement that you have to make adjustments in the projection screen at all. We put a lot of work into our models and stand behind our projections and ownership projections, and you'll still have opportunities to add value to other parts of the process by setting rules or tweaking exposures after the lineups have been built.

With all of that said, if you already know how you want to handle a certain player, team, or game in your lineups, tell us here by either removing players, bumping projections, adding minimum and maximum exposures, or changing team totals. The adjustments you make in the projections tab will help us build you a better pool of lineups after the lineups have been made so that you can edit your exposures from there. If you have any other questions about the projections tab or other parts of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out some of the other videos in the app or in our support documentation. And in the meantime, thanks and good luck.

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