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After clicking the build lineups button, you'll select the contest type you're building lineups for, and set the build settings and rules that will ultimately be used as the blueprint to build your lineups. This includes our sliders, which determine how much to factor in correlation, ownership and level of simulation precision into your lineups. It also includes things like lineup parameters, like the minimum and maximum salary that can be used and the number of minimum uniques for each lineup. And finally, it includes things like the build rules, including stacking rules and player grouping rules, forcing lineup combinations and constructions for the builder to follow. When you tell us what contest you're building lineups for, we will automatically adjust the settings to what we think is appropriate and optimal for that particular contest. We have separate tutorials and FAQ videos for pretty much every other setting you see here, but ultimately making adjustments in the build settings above and beyond just selecting the contest you're building lineups for, isn't going to be the highest value-add you can find in SaberSim.

We've built thousands of lineups at different slider settings and build settings and compared them to past historical contests to optimize our sliders and settings based on the contest that you say you're playing. And because SaberSim understands correlation, ownership, and variance, the need to make a bunch of rules in the form of stacking rules or player groups is much lower than what you might be used to on a traditional optimizer. You'll get a lot more out of making adjustments to player projections on the projections tab and adjusting exposures in the build screen than trying to optimize settings here, because we've really already done that for you. Try building lineups with the default settings first and see what they look like. After seeing what those lineups look like, you can come back here and make adjustments to your sliders, your settings, or add build rules as needed and go from there.

If you have any other questions about any other parts of the build settings or the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out some of our other videos in the app or in the rest of our support documentation. And in the meantime, thanks and good luck.

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