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SaberSim's entry editor allows you to get your lineups out of the app and into the contests you're playing without having to mess around with clunky CSVs or manually enter your lineups one by one on the site. The first step is to download your entries file, which we make as easy as possible by providing you a link to directly download your file in the entries tab on the app.

Once you've got your entries file, you are ready to use the entry editor and we've streamlined this process significantly. After building your lineups, you can now fill your lineups directly from a build and I'll show you how in just a moment, but first I'm going to need some lineups. Once you've got your lineups ready in a build, you can use the new fill entries button to quickly fill your lineups from your build into your contests, checking individual contests that you want to fill or sorting by different contest types. The fill methods control how we'll fill your lineups into different contests and there are four options.

Before I explain what these all do, there isn't a best fill method. It just depends on what you're trying to accomplish. The rank fill method will fill each contest with your top overall Saber score lineups from your pool. The best overall Saber score lineup will be the first lineup in each contest. Then the second, and then the third. This generally means that you'll be doubling down on your highest SaberSim score lineups by entering them into multiple contests.

For example, with these two contests, I would get the same lineup as the first lineup into the single entry and then the 20 max and then remaining 19 entries would go to fill the 20 max. The unique rank fill option will put a unique lineup into each contest, only duplicating any lineups if there are more entries than lineups and it will fill them in the order they're shown in the entry editor. So your first contest will be filled with the top Saber score lineups, and then the next contest and so on. This is best used if you want a unique lineup in each of your contests, but you want the highest Saber score lineups in certain contests.

So for example, I could change the order of these by dragging and dropping, and then use the unique rank fill option to fill these. In this case, the best overall lineup will go into the single entry and if I were to flip these and refill, the best first 20 lineups would all go into the 20 max and then the remaining 21st lineup would go into the single entries. The unique random fill method will also put a unique lineup into each contest, but it just puts a random lineup from your set into each contest and does not follow the rank. This is a good method if you still want a unique lineup in every entry, but you want to just randomly spread out your lineups into your entries.

Finally, the exact fill method will only fill contests that exactly match the number of entries in that contest to the number of lineups in the set selected. In this case, we have no contests where we have exactly 21 entries. So we actually won't be able to use this fill method. This fill method is a good one to use if you're building a specific set of lineups for your single entry three max, 20 max, or 150 max, and want to just quickly fill the right lineup set into the right contests.

Anyway, once you're all ready and have your lineups filled, all you need to do is click the download and all entries and the download and open site button to download your entries file and immediately open the right site and the right page on that site to upload it. Then you can just go ahead and upload your entries file, and you're good to go.

If for whatever reason you need to review your entries, you can return to the entries tab on SaberSim to see a summary. On the left hand side here, you'll see your combined exposures to different players, team stacks, game stacks, and stack types across all of your lineups. On the right hand side, you'll see a familiar menu to the previous popup, and you can make any changes by filling different contests with different lineup sets and different fill methods from here.

The best practices for the entry editor are as follows: you should be using this every single time you play DFS. No matter how many entries you're playing, this will save you time and reduce the risk of costly errors when it comes down to editing your entries manually or using CSVs. The best way to use the entry editor is to reserve your lineups on the sites ahead of time so that you can just download your entries file just like I did at the start of this video. If you're unsure of what fill method to use as you're just getting started out, build a unique lineup for each entry you're playing and start with a unique fill method. This will give you the greatest number of unique lineups in play as possible. Improving your chances at having a high scoring lineup in your entire lineup portfolio. If you have any other questions about the entry editor or the rest of the lineup building process, check out some of our other tutorial videos in the app and in our support documentation. In the meantime, thanks and good luck.

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