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SaberSim has two swap tools, Quick Swap and Late Swap. Quick Swap is simple, yet powerful, and we've recently made some awesome improvements to it. Quick Swap now has a global button in the main navigation that you can click and access Quick Swap from anywhere in the app. And it will also turn red and shake if we detect that you have a player that is out currently in your lineups. When this happens, there's a few different options here. You can quickly swap all out players or a specific player in your lineups, and you can swap them with the best available player, the best available player from the same team or in the case of swapping out a specific player, some other specific player in the player pool. You can also do multiple swaps in a row, applying changes from each swap in between.

For example, maybe I want to take Mike Trout out of my lineups, but I want to first see if I can swap in any other Angels. I'll apply a swap to swap him with the next best available player from the same team. And in this case, it worked. I swapped Ohtani and Marsh in, in all lineups. If there were still lineups left over with Mike Trout, I could also swap these now with just the next best available player. And when I'm done, I can just click the download all entries tab, download a new file and go straight to DK to upload my new entries file. Late Swap is the more robust swap tool that rebuilds the best possible lineups around players already locked into a lineup. If you start a new build after the slate has already started, we'll assume you want to Late Swap your lineups and default this build to a Late Swap.

If that's not the case, you can toggle the Late Swap toggle in the upper right off and on. Once you're ready to build your Late Swap settings, you can go ahead and click the contest tab and either sort by contest type or check certain contests that you want to use for this Late Swap. We also have a feature to toggle on the ability to only swap lineups containing out players if you only want to rebuild the lineups where a player is out. When you're in the settings tab, you'll see a pretty familiar menu where you can adjust settings and add and remove stacks, groups and change the sliders. And once you hit build, we will lock each player in whose game has already started and build the best possible lineup around them with the remaining available spots in the lineups.

This means that your lineups get rebuilt while still taking into account correlation, ownership fade, and a sim precision, just like we do before lock. And after the build is complete, you can just download your new entries filed directly from the build in one click. Now, the best practices for using Late Swaps successfully. If a player gets ruled out or news breaks, use the Quick Swap tool to quickly make sure that you don't have players out in your lineup, so you don't get a zero. However, as a general rule of thumb, if new sims run or projections change or news breaks, you should probably be doing a Late Swap. This will allow you to maximize the edge you get from this new information.

When doing your Late Swap build, I would recommend grouping all of your contests together and just Late Swapping once using a kind of middle ground set of sliders, roughly in between the different contests that you're playing. For example, if you're playing a bunch of different contests, like single entries, 20 maxes, 150 maxes, 3 maxes, just pick a set of sliders that's roughly in the middle on both the entry limit and the number of entrants, something like the 20 max, 1000 to 10 K and Late Swap everything together. This will avoid you having to run multiple Late Swap builds and save you precious time, where it can be very valuable when news is breaking at the last second. With that said, if you're playing both cash and GPPs, you always want to Late Swap these separately.

That's because the cash settings will always have 0/0/0 sliders building the highest projected lineups possible, and GPP require a very different strategy. Now, we're just scratching the surface here, and there's a lot of sport-specific nuance to Late Swap. So, if you have more questions about sport-specific Late Swap strategy, check out some of the other videos on our YouTube channel. And if you have other questions about other features on the SaberSim app, check out the other videos in our support documentation. In the meantime, thanks and good luck.

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