There's a few different ways to adjust your player pool in SaberSim, the most basic version would be to simply uncheck the players you don't want in your pool. For example, we can uncheck Jordan Lyles here and we won't get any Lyle's in our lineups when it comes time to build. However, we do have a player filtering tool that can help automate this process. The player filter tool can be found directly to the right of the projections heading on the projections tab in the app. And when you open this up, you'll see, by default, we have a minimum projection filter that will remove all players below a certain projection that changes based on the sport and the slate for a baseball classic slate for example, you can see that we are only including players that have a projection greater than four.

This tool can be a great way to make wide sweeping changes to your player pool all at once. You can adjust the minimum projection filter that's already in here, or add a new one to include or exclude players, games or teams based on basically any data that you see on the projections tab. An example here would be to include players with strikeouts greater than four. And we'll limit this only to pitchers so that we can only include pitchers that on average, have four strikeouts per game in our simulations. The best practice with the player filters tool here is to take a light touch with removing players from your pool. Because we're using simulations to build your lineups, we won't ever put a straight up bad play into your lineups. And you need to do a lot less player pool curation with SaberSim than you might be used to on a traditional optimizer. Plus you'll have an opportunity to fine tune your lineups after they're built.

So you don't need everything to be perfect before the build that said, if you know you don't want certain players in your lineups at all, remove them before the build by either manually unchecking them or setting a player filter to remove them from your lineups. If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim check out our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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