SaberSim's projection upload tool will let you bulk upload player fantasy point projections, ownership projections, or minutes and max exposures for the players on that slate. You can find it by clicking the upload button in the upper right corner of the projections tab. Once you have this modal popped up, you can either upload a .CSV with your data or just copy and paste your data directly into the table.

If we can't match any player, either because there are two players with the same name or because you have a player listed with a slightly different spelling than SaberSim does, you can match any players up here to make sure that those projections go to the right players. If you have column headers in your file or in your data, we'll automatically detect what data is in each column as best as we can, but you can use the dropdowns here to change it if we didn't get it right. And if you don't have column headers, we'll assume that your data is in the order, name first, then projection, then ownership, then min exposure, and then maximum exposure. But again, you have the ability to change these column headers here manually after the fact. There's also a few toggles here at the bottom. The first after you've uploaded your data is purely cosmetic and it's if you want to show or hide your header row. The second one, exclude unlisted players, when toggled on will automatically remove players from your player pool that aren't included in the data here.

And the third will automatically apply these player projections to all the slates those players are on that particular day, which is useful if you're playing multiple slates like showdowns, turbos, or night slates, and you want to apply those custom projections to all of the slates those players are on that day. Once you're all set, you can just click save and we'll apply your custom projections to your player pool. If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out the rest of our videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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