When you adjust a player's fantasy point projection in SaberSim by either manually adjusting it for that player, uploading your own set of custom projections, or changing the team totals, we'll use that new fantasy point projection for that player when you build your lineups. You still get all of the value of the game sims when you make these adjustments. We just shift those players' distributions.

Let me show you how this works with an example. If we take Zach Wheeler for example here and bump up his projection to 21.56, that is a three-point increase from his mean projection of 18.56. We'll take every single game simulation we have for the Phillies game tonight and take whatever fantasy points Zach Wheeler scored in that particular game sim and increase it by three points. This basically has the effect of taking his entire distribution, his entire range of outcomes, and shifting it three points to the right. But you still pull from this wide range of outcomes from our game simulations when it actually comes time to build your lineups. That means ultimately that when you make adjustments to your fantasy point projections, it will accordingly bump up or down those players that you like or dislike a little bit more or less than SaberSim does, but you still get to pull in the simulation data when you build your lineups.

If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out the other videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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