When you build lineups with SaberSim, we don't just build the exact number of lineups you're playing on the slate. We build you a much larger pool of lineups, which gives us the ability to sort through to find the best ones and allows you to fine-tune your exposures after the build without having to get everything perfect before building.

By default, this lineup pool size is going to be 500 lineups, which is the average number of lineups we feel is appropriate for most lineup builds. The only situation I'd ever recommend lowering this number is if you're in a serious time crunch and need to get lineups generated really quickly.

However, if you're planning on making a lot of adjustments after the build has been built, or if you're entering 150 or more unique lineups on a slate, it might be a good idea to increase it, to give you a bigger lineup pool to work with after the lineups are built.

The maximum number for pool size at the moment on the DFS Advanced Plan is 1500 lineups. If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim check out our other videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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