SaberSim's sliders and build settings are back tested and optimized for certain contest types. And you can see this by toggling manual mode on and switching between these different dropdown's. We can see how the optimal strategy changes significantly when we're looking at something like a 500 person single entry, to a 150 max with 50,000 lineups in it. The best way to set your sliders for any contest are to use the default values that are appropriate for the contest you're playing. But what if you're playing something that doesn't fit neatly into these defaults? For example, let's say we're playing a 10-max contest that has 20,000 lineups in it. Well, we have the three max sliders and the 20-max sliders. Which one should we use? The answer here is that either dropdown default option is probably fine, as is something kind of in the middle.

I recommend looking at what the sliders are for each of the closest options and either picking the one that corresponds better to your particular strategy that you want to take on the slate, or just picking something that's kind of in the middle of the two options. Again, while our sliders are optimized for these specific contests, I wouldn't fret too much about this. Either of these nearest two dropdown options or anything in between them is generally going to work just fine. If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the SaberSim lineup building process, check out the other videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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