SaberSim has optimized and back tested our build settings and sliders for all kinds of different contests. We can see, for example, how the optimal strategy changes if you're playing a 500 person single entry versus a 50,000 entrant, 150 max.

But what if you're playing a bunch of different contests types on a slate? Where should you put your sliders? Well, first things first, if you're playing both cash and GPPs, you should always build these lineups in separate builds with the correct settings for those different contest types. The optimal strategy to beat cash games versus GPPs is very different. So you want to make sure you're building the best lineups possible for those different types of contests.

However, if you're playing a lot of different types of GPPs, there's a couple different options here. The best practice is to do a separate build for every different contest type you're playing. If, again, for example, you're playing some smaller field single entry, you'll want to build those lineups with the settings that are appropriate for that contest. And then if you're playing also some larger field 150 maxes, you'll want to build those lineups with the settings that are appropriate for those contests. That way, you'll get the right kinds of lineups for each different type of contest that you're playing.

However, this can be kind of tedious if you're playing a lot of different contests or if you're doing a lot of editing exposures on the end build screen. And if that's the case, I'd recommend building all of your lineups from the same build. The easiest way to do this is to pick a midpoint set of sliders that is in between everything that you're playing. If you're playing a little bit of smaller field, single entry and three max stuff, some bigger 20 maxes, and then also some larger 150 maxes, you can use, for example, the 20 max 10 to 50 K sliders as a nice midpoint that's a rough average between all of the different optimal sliders for those contests. All you'll need to do then is update the number of lineups at the bottom to match up correctly with the number of total unique lineups you need. For example, maybe we need 200.

Now, what's nice about this is it simplifies the process of managing your lineup significantly, because you'll have all of your lineups in one place and you can edit exposures on the build screen together. No matter how you're going about building your different lineups, once you've got them built, you can take advantage of our powerful entry editor to make sure you get the right lineups into the right contests.

To see videos about how that works or any other part of the lineup building process with SaberSim, check out the rest of the videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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