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What is SaberScore?

Learn how SaberScore finds the highest upside lineups in the pool.

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We know that average projections are not a good tool to determine upside at the individual player level. So sorting your best lineups in your pool by their average projection is also not a good tool to determine what the best lineups are. The SaberScore that you see underneath each lineup in your pool attempts to quantify the overall upside of a lineup by looking at its correlation, ownership, and raw fantasy point scoring upside. We believe the highest SaberScore lineups to be the best lineups in your pool. SaberScore is always standardized to 100. So the overall best lineup in your pool will always have a 100 SaberScore. A couple things to note here. SaberScore is also relative to the sliders that were used for that particular build and the individual simulations used to build a specific lineup.
This means in theory that the same lineup can have a different SaberScore if it was built in different builds. And the practical takeaway here is that SaberScore should only be used to compare lineups from within the same build and never in between builds. Ultimately, treat SaberScore as a tiebreaker to decide on the lineups you want to play once you've made all of the other adjustments you want to make in the build screen. Your entire pool of lineups is viable and built for the contest you're playing. So let SaberScore decide what 20 or 150 lineups to take with you once you've already adjusted your exposures and projections and stacks and the other things on the build screen and you're happy with what your lineups look like. If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out the other videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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