Any time you've return to an old build or click the refresh button at the top of a build, we'll update the player projections to match the newest versions from the most recent Sims. This will cause your lineups to re-sort based on what we now believe are the best lineups to play from your pool. However, it's always better when new Sims run or new information comes out to start with a fresh new build. When you do so, you get an entire new pool of lineups that are optimized for the new Sims, as opposed to just re-sorting an old pool of lineups. If you're in a serious time crunch or a Sim runs, but there wasn't any big news that broke, it's okay to just refresh projections in an old build, but the best practice is always to run a new build when you have time.

If you spent a lot of time editing projections or player exposures in a build and need to build a new one, you can use the send button to send your projections or exposures, or both, back to the home screen. Be careful because sending these back to home will overwrite any custom projections and exposures you have on your projections tab. If your lineups have re-sorted because there's been new Sims that have run, and you want to get the old lineups that you had up back, you can click up at the top to look at your previous saved lineups and switch back to a previous set of lineups.

If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out the other videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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