In the entries tab, you'll see two different columns that calculate player exposure in your entries file in two different ways: lineup exposure and entry exposure. Lineup exposure refers to the percentage of unique lineups that have a certain player in it. No matter how many different entries that lineup is played into, the lineup exposure will always stay the same. And the min and max exposures that you might be editing on the projection screen or a build screen are always referring to the lineup exposure.

Entry exposure, on the other hand, refers to the percentage of entries that have a certain player in it. Playing a single lineup in a bunch of different entries will increase the entry exposure you have to that player beyond what the lineup exposure says. Using a rank fill method, for example, is a good way to have a difference between your lineup exposure and your entry exposure.

These different columns can help show when you have those higher or lower exposures to a player in your total set of entries compared to your unique lineups. And if for some reason you do want your entry exposure to get closer to your lineup exposures, try using a unique fill method instead of the rank fill method, which should get these numbers a little bit closer together.

If you have any other questions about this or other parts of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out some of the other videos in our support documentation. In the meantime, thanks and good luck.

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