Late swap allows you to change players in your DFS lineups after the slate has locked but before those individual players' games have started. You need to late swap to get players that have been ruled out of the game out of your alt lineups, but also sometimes to capitalize on breaking news by rebuilding your lineups. It is the best practice to check if you should see if you should late swap any time new information comes out that causes a sim to run or projections to update and there's a few different ways you can see this.

The first is the timestamp in the upper left corner on the projections tab in the app. The second is following our sim alerts channels in our Slack Community, letting you know when new sims run. And the third is following a news aggregator on Twitter like Underdog MLB or Underdog NBA and turning notifications on. If you have a player that is out in your entries file on SaberSim, we'll make it clear with the red Quick Swap indicator. Any time this is red, you should always click it and run a quick Quick Swap to get out players out of your lineups. However, you may still need to late swap even if you don't have players that have been ruled out of the game. Other players getting ruled out or news changing overall has a ripple effect on the players in the slate and it may make better plays on the slate and be able to improve your lineups.

There's a lot of sports specific nuance to late swapping. In NBA for example, you should be late swapping virtually anytime a sim runs because the changes to player projections for even seemingly minor news can be pretty massive. However, in a sport like MLB, player scratches generally don't have a big impact on the rest of the slate, so the most important thing is to just make sure you get the players that are out out of your lineups so you're not left with a zero.

Here's a basic rule of thumb. Always use the lightning bolt indicator to Quick Swap if it's flashing red, which means you have players that are out in your entries file. And if you're unsure if you should also run a late swap build to rebuild your lineups and take advantage of the most recent information, just do it. Worst case scenario, you'll just reshuffle your lineups. Best case scenario, you'll get to take advantage of new information that the field won't properly adjust to, giving you a big edge on the slate. For more sports specific late swap strategy, check out some of the videos on our YouTube channel and if you're interested in learning more about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim, check out the other videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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