If you're noticing that your lineups are changing significantly when you're running late swap builds on SaberSim, first of all, that's probably a good thing. Typically, that means that there was very impactful news that came out that changed the dynamics of the slate, made some players better plays than others, and your lineups were reshuffled accordingly and rebuilt to build you the best possible lineups with that late breaking news. I think in general, people get a little bit anchored to their initial lineups and their initial strategy for the slate. You should really be flexible with your slate strategy, especially in sports where late swap is really impactful, like NBA, and allow it to change as news breaks throughout the slate.

Now with that said, if you don't want your lineups to be getting changed that dramatically, or you're frustrated with how much things start changing, one thing I would recommend checking out is the only late swap players without... Or only swap lineups without players available, toggle here. I think this can be particularly useful in sports like MLB, where a player getting ruled out doesn't typically affect the overall slate dynamics. And if you want to avoid rebuilding your Dodger stacks because a Angels player got ruled out, you can toggle this on and will only rebuild the lineups that have an out player in them.

Otherwise, I would embrace the variance and embrace the news that is changing throughout the slate and be willing to be flexible with your lineups as the slate news is coming out. In the meantime, appreciate you all for watching. If you have any other questions, reach out on Discord or email us [email protected] and good luck.

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