In general, when you're late swapping, you should use the same sliders and settings as you used before lock, especially if you're using the default sliders. Those settings are optimal both pre- and post-lock. With that said, there are a few common situations where you may want to consider turning manual mode on and adjusting your sliders. The first is if significant news breaks like a star player getting ruled out. If this happens, you may want to consider lowering your ownership fade and sim precision sliders. Star players getting ruled out often opens up elite value plays elsewhere on the team and by lowering the ownership fade and sim precision sliders, we'll lean a little bit heavier on the average projections when building lineups, allowing you to maximize the exposure you can get into these new great plays in your lineups as much as possible.

The second situation where you may want to consider updating your sliders is if you're having a particularly good or bad night of DFS as the slate goes on. If your lineups are performing extremely well or maybe you even have a sweat to win a tournament and you need to late swap, it may make sense to also turn down the ownership fade and sim variant slider to swap into some of the highest overall best projected plays. It's likely those really well performing lineups already have lower owned plays who have paid off and now we can swap into safer, better projected plays to maximize our upside in the remainder of the slate. On the other hand, if your lineups are performing poorly and you need to swap, it may make sense to turn up the ownership fade and sim precision sliders to swap into some lower owned plays to win back some equity to min cash or maybe 3X on a couple lineups to get back as much money as you can.

Ultimately, if you're ever unsure, just leave the sliders where you had them pre-lock and that'll put you in a good spot for your late swap builds. If you're interested in learning more about the rest of the late swap process on SaberSim, check out some of the other videos in our support documentation and in the meantime, thanks and good luck.

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