What should you do if you're running your late swap build and you're getting lineups that still have out players in them, or otherwise, you can't swap them the way that you want? Because late swap is partially rebuilding a lineup, there are players whose games have already started that are taking up salary and taking up positions in the lineup, late swaps are a little more restrictive than pre-lock builds. It's harder to get everything that you want in the lineup. The best thing that you can do if you're having trouble getting out players out of your lineups or getting the late swaps that you want is make that build as unrestricted as possible with all of your other settings.

So typically what I like to do is reset my settings completely using the red reset icon in the upper right. If you're this late in the slate anyway where you're having trouble swapping, you've already gotten almost all of your value out of those settings anyway. Just remove them now to get valid swaps in place. The other thing I like to check for is my minimum projected filter. You can click the filter icon here and open up your player projected filter. And I typically like to set this down to zero when I'm late swapping and having trouble getting an out player out of my lineup. At this point, I don't want to limit players at all by a minimum projection. If I can get a player in the game that's playing, that's great.

Finally, the last thing you want to look for is your minimum salary. This can particularly crop up in NBA slates where a high salary player in the last game of the night has gotten ruled out, and the next best available player at that position is a drop of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 salary. At this point, it's better to play a player that's playing than one that isn't. So we'll drop our min salary down here to zero. Those three things combined: resetting your settings completely, removing or setting your min projected filter to zero, and setting your min salary to zero, resolve 99% of the issues where players cannot swap their lineups or cannot get players out of their lineups with late swap. If you have any other questions with late swap or you're running into any other trouble, you can reach out to us in our Discord server or email us at [email protected]. And in the meantime, thanks for watching and good luck.

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