When you run a Late Swap build on SaberSim, you may occasionally see a warning tab to the right of the Unchanged tab above your lineups. And this means that you have some lineups in your pool that have an out player that were unable to be swapped. This typically occurs because there's a setting somewhere in your app that's prohibiting a valid swap from taking place. And this happens most commonly later in the slate when there are not as many players left available in the pool, and many roster positions in the lineup are already locked in. If this happens, you can try taking some of these troubleshooting steps.

Now, I know you may have put your settings into the app to build lineups for that slate for a reason, but when it comes down to either taking a zero on a player, because he's not playing, or removing some of some of these settings, it's always best to remove the settings so the Late Swap can take place.

Now let's talk about what a few of these things are. The first is lowering your minimum projection filter. You can find it to the right of the Projections heading, and it's always a good rule of thumb, especially if you've raised this earlier in the slate, to drop this down to something like zero to allow all players with a projection to get late swapped into your lineups. You'll also want to return all removed players back into your pool. It's better to play a guy that maybe you didn't want to play at lock, but at least he's playing the game that night.

The third thing you can do is if you've set any minimum, or maximum exposure settings to remove these by using the reset player's option in the Projections tab. There's also some troubleshooting you can do in the build settings themselves. You'll want to lower your minimum salary. And this is an important one. A lot of times, if there is a high salary player in your lineup, and he's the last available player left to play, and then that player gets ruled out. You'll have to be willing to play a lower salary lineup build in that lineup to avoid the zero.

You'll want to remove the min uniques, or lower it back down to one if you've raised this. Remove any stacking rules, or grouping rules in your build settings that might be prohibiting a swap. Once you run all of these changes, you should be able to successfully run your Late Swap build. If you're still running into issues, it is entirely possible that there can be slates sometimes where there's a player that got ruled out, and there are no valid swaps left available to play. If you're still running into issues with your Late Swap builds, always feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. And if you have other questions about the rest of the lineup building process on SaberSim check out some of the other videos in our Support documentation. In the meantime, thanks and good luck.

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