There are a couple common reasons why people get errors when they're uploading their new late swapped entries file to DraftKings, FanDuel or Yahoo. The most common overall reason there is that the entries file we have stored on SaberSim has gotten out of sync with your actual entries file that's in play on the sites. This can happen because maybe you downloaded an entries file on SaberSim that ultimately didn't get uploaded, or you've made some manual edits to your lineups on the sites and haven't reflected that on the SaberSim side. Fortunately, this is extremely easy to fix and all you need to do is upload a new entries file from the site to SaberSim.

In this particular case, let's go ahead and do that. I'm going to go ahead and click the entries tab here, and I am just going to click this upload new entries button. This will pop up a link that takes me to the exact right page on DraftKings. Actually on DraftKings, it will just download the file. On FanDuel, it will take me to the exact right page to download that file myself. I can re-upload that new entries file and go ahead and run a new late swap. Now these entries files are in sync. I have the exact same entries in SaberSim as I have in DraftKings, so the late swap should go through correctly.

Another issue people run into when they are late swapping their builds is uploading, in particular on DraftKings, is uploading the file to the wrong page. DraftKings has two very similar pages that have very different purposes. On the lineups page here, there is a way to upload lineups. This page will throw errors at you when you are uploading an entries file. This is for lineups only. This is for raw lineups files. The page that you are actually looking for is the edit entries page, which is this button here. This page will accept lineup files correctly.

We make this very easy on SaberSim as well. In any given build, when you're downloading your final entries file, or from the fill entries tab here, you can just click download and open DraftKings, which will download the file and take you to the right page on DK so you're not getting confused. FanDuel and Yahoo, I believe are a little bit more flexible with this. You can upload FanDuel CSVs to the live tab or the upcoming tab, and that should work fine there. And Yahoo should be quite a bit more flexible as well. But I know these different pages on DraftKings tend to trip people up.

So to summarize, most important thing, if you're having errors when you're uploading your entries file, is start with a fresh entries file from the sites, download a new one, re-upload to SaberSim. Second, if you're still having trouble, just double check, especially on DraftKings, that you're uploading to the right page, and you can make use of the download and open site button here instead of trying to find the page yourself. If you're still having problems or have any other questions about the rest of the line up building process, you can reach out to us in our Discord server or by emailing us at [email protected]. And in the meantime, thanks for watching and good luck.

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