Can I edit a lineup in SaberSim?

Learn how to use SaberSim's lineup editing tool to make changes to players in your lineups.

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You can use SaberSim's lineup editing tool to make minor changes to the players in any lineup. Simply click the Edit button at the top of the lineup you want to edit, and you'll get this popup that allows you to make changes to the lineup. Once you choose which players you want to remove, we'll check which players are valid swaps to enter into that lineup based on the positions that are available, which players have already locked, and the salary remaining. You can just click which player you want to add in instead, and then click Save Lineup.

Once you've edited a lineup, we will lock it, which means it will always be a part of your lineup set. And lineup metrics, like the Projected Score and Saber Score and other things like that, will no longer be valid or recalculated for the edited lineup. However, your player exposures will adjust accordingly. So you can still use your min and max exposures to make further adjustments to your lineup portfolio. If at any point you'd like to revert to the original lineup, you can just go ahead and click the Refresh button here at the top of the lineup, which will return the lineup to the original version.

This tool is best used when you have a lineup that you would like to play, but only with a couple individual player swaps. And it's probably really only useful if you're making these kinds of adjustments to just a handful of your lineups. If you're making significant changes to your lineups, or you're making a lot of changes to many different lineups, you might be better off editing your player exposures or projections in the post-build screen, or going back to your original projections and making some adjustments there, so you're getting a better foundation of lineups to work from in the first place. In the meantime, thank you for watching. And if you have further questions, feel free to check out the other videos in our support documentation. Thanks and good luck.

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