Steps to fix slow builds:

1. Identify a slow build

  • >2min to build 500 lineups, >5min to build 1500 lineups

2. Recognize how much time you have left

  • If you have <15min before lock, delete all custom settings and make adjustments post-build

3. Troubleshoot by adding customization back in one at a time

  • Remove all requested exposures, groups / stacks, and custom build settings

  • Add back customization one at a time in order of most important to least important

  • Test build speed between each change

4. Do more of your process post-build

  • These adjustments are always faster

Video Transcript

Most slow builds on SaberSim are caused by overly restrictive lineup rules, requested exposures, or build settings. There are four steps to fixing a slow build if you're finding that it's coming up in your process.

The first is to identify a slow build. If the build is taking longer than two minutes to build 500 lineups or longer than five minutes to build 1500 lineups, you have what we would call a slow build. Now, what you want to do in that particular case is stop the build using the red X button.

Then you're onto step two, which is recognize how much time you have left. If you have 15 minutes or less before lock for the slate that you're building lineups for, you are probably out of time in terms of being able to go through and troubleshoot this build completely. In that case, what I would do is recommend turning all of your settings and requested exposures back to default and doing as much as possible to get lineups you like in the post build phase. The things that you want to look for are requested min and max exposures, lineup rules, and build settings.

For requested min and max exposures, you can reset them all at once by clicking this red reset icon in the upper right corner. For lineup build rules like stacking rules, grouping rules and more, you can go ahead and open that up in the rules tab and then uncheck rules to turn them off. For build settings, you can reset your sliders to the default for the particular contest you're playing by just changing the drop downs here. You'll also want to reset any position in flex rules, min and max lineup ownership sums and min uniques back to their default values. This is going to get your build back to defaults. You'll find that the build runs much faster and you can make adjustments to get good lineups in before lock by making adjustments in the post build screen.

If you do have more than 15 minutes before lock, you have a little bit more time to troubleshoot and see why this build might be going slowly. Typically, what I like to do is add in my rules and requested exposures back one at a time in order of most important to me or biggest impact first. For example, I might go ahead and add in my main primary stack rule first, attempt another build and see how that build speed checks out. If that looks good, I may come back in and check in my secondary stacking rule or in this case group rule and see how that build goes. If that one looks good, then I might start adding in some individual team stack or player exposures.

If that build then runs really slowly, I know that somehow the combination of those rules together is causing that build to make it difficult for the builder to find lineups. In that case, I might roll back the most recent change I've made, run the build with the rules that I know work and make the rest of my adjustments in the post build screen.

That brings us to our fourth and final step here, which is to offload more of your process into the post build screen. You should be able to have just as much control post build as you do pre-build in terms of editing individual player exposures, exposures to different team stacks or stack types, or by using the lineup filters and selecting particular combinations of players and trashing them or adding more of them into your lineups. Because you're working from a pool of lineups that already exist here, adjustments in the post build screen are always going to be much faster than by setting rules pre-build. So if you're in a pinch and need to make some last final tuning adjustments, you're better off doing that here.

I hope this was a helpful overview of how to solve slow build issues, but if you have other questions for us, reach out in our support channel in our Discord server. In the meantime, thank you for watching and good luck.

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