When you adjust the exposures, we search through your lineup pool to find the right combination and number of lineups to match.

If you removed a player from your lineup pool but want to add them back, simple click "Show All Players" in the right corner above the "Min Exp" and "Max Exp" fields.

Team Stacks

Adjust the percent of lineups that have a specific team's stack and even get more detailed by adjusting the exposure to a specific team's stack sizes.

Stack Types

Adjust the percent of lineups that have a specific stack type, meaning the number of players on the same team in those lineups. 

For example, "4|2" means lineups with 4 players on the same team and 2 players on the same team, with the remaining players all being from unique teams.

Expanding the Lineup Pool

If we aren't able to find enough lineups in your lineup pool to match your requested exposures, we will ask if you want us to expand the lineup pool. Clicking "Yes" will build more lineups to try to achieve your requested exposures.

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