Number of Lineups

This is the number of lineups you are currently requesting and the number of lineups shown in the list below as well as in the downloadable CSV file. This number can be changed as needed and the lineup list will be updated immediately as well as the CSV file the next time you download it. 

If you change the number of lineups, your exposures will likely change as well, but any custom exposures you put in will still be there.

Total Pool Size

Instead of giving you the exact number of lineups you request, we build a pool of hundreds of strong lineups using your build settings. This allows you to tweak your lineups on the fly rather than starting from scratch over and over again.

The number listed after "Total Pool Size" is the number of lineups that are currently in your lineup pool.

Download CSV

Clicking the "Download CSV" button will give you a CSV of all of your lineups which you can then use to bulk enter them on DraftKings or FanDuel.

For help using the CSV bulk entry tool, I've recorded video guides for each site:

Lineup List

This section of the page contains a list of all of your lineups based on the exposures and other settings you've selected. You can navigate through this list using the page numbers and arrows above the first lineup.

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