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Build Name

To make it easier to differentiate between builds, you can rename a build whatever you'd like and it will be updated in the build tab.

Filter by

The filter determines how to rank the lineups in your lineup pool in order to determine the top lineups for you to enter.

"Proj Score" ranks your lineups based on the total sum of projected points for every player in a lineup.

"Saber Score" quantifies the impact of correlations and ownership on the projected score of a lineup. The higher the Saber Score, the higher the upside potential.


Percentiles give you control over the range of outcomes used in player projections.


  • A Percentile of 90 ignores the bottom 90% of outcomes, giving you a score players should reach 10% of the time
  • Default projections are a mean projection which average all simulations of a game and would be equivalent to a Percentile of 0
  • To get median projections, you would use a Percentile of 50

Load Lineups

When your build is first created and then again whenever you download your lineups, we store a snapshot of what your lineups look like at that time. You can then load those lineups again by selecting the time they were saved from the "Load Lineups" dropdown menu. This is particularly useful when reviewing lineups from previous contests.

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