Frequently Asked Questions for betting

What sportsbooks do you support?

We currently offer picks for Pinnacle, Bovada, BookMaker, 5Dimes, BetOnline, Heritage, Intertops, YouWager, JustBet, SportsBetting, LowVig, Betcris, Bodog, Matchbook, RedZone, and TigerGaming.

What sports do you offer?

For sports betting, we currently support NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. For all sports, we offer picks against the spread, moneyline, and total (over/under) for full-game bets. For MLB, we also offer picks against those bets for the first 5 innings.

How do you create your projections?

We build our projections by feeding more than 12 performance indicators, unique to each sport, into our custom machine learning algorithm which then simulates each game thousands of times, play by play.

For example: The major variables in our baseball model include batters, pitchers (starting pitcher and bullpen), umpire, park, handedness match-up, wind and temperature, and home/away.

This lets us accurately project the average outcome of games, but also how frequently different outcomes occur which is key for beating the sportsbooks.

How often do your projections update?

Rather than following a rigid schedule for updates, as the variables in our model change throughout the day and week (things like injury status, lineup news, etc.), we run new simulations and update our projections accordingly.

How do you determine your suggested bet size?

To determine the suggested unit size, we use something called the Kelly Criterion. This formula considers the expected edge of the bet as well as the frequency that it wins and uses that information to suggest a bet size that maximizes growth of your bankroll while minimizing risk of ruin.

You can get a more detailed explanation of how the Kelly Crtierion works here:

What is a unit?

We consider 1 unit to be 1% of your bankroll, but it can be any size you're comfortable with as a "standard" bet.

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