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How Do I Withdraw My Entries from DraftKings?
How Do I Withdraw My Entries from DraftKings?
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While you can manually withdraw entries on DraftKings, it is tedious to do and difficult to find, and the easiest way to quickly bulk withdraw entries is going to be to send a message to support.

1. Hover your DraftKings username in the upper right corner, and click “Contact Us”.

2. Click “Contact Support” in the upper right.

3. Write a message asking support to withdraw your entries. Make sure to specify your username, as well as the sport and slate you want to withdraw from. Here’s a template you can use for this message below. Just make sure to update the sections as needed.

Subject: Withdraw entries for username: [YOUR USERNAME]

Description: Hi,

Please withdraw my entries and refund my entry fees for the [SPORT] [SLATE NAME] for my DraftKings username [YOUR USERNAME]. Please confirm to me via email when this has been completed.

Thank you!

DraftKings will typically respond quickly (within 15-30 minutes) with confirmation that your entries have been withdrawn. If you only want to withdraw specific contests, you should include that information in your message as well.

If you are only playing a few contests, haven’t heard back from DraftKings, or otherwise just want to manually withdraw your contests, you can do so on the site.

1. Start by clicking “Contests” in the main navigation. Find the contest that you want to withdraw from, and click “Edit”. Note: If you haven’t entered a lineup into this contest yet, you’ll see “Draft Team” instead of “Edit”. Click that instead.

2. Click “Withdraw Entry” in the upper right:

3. Confirm by clicking “Withdraw Entry” in the pop-up that shows up.

You’ll need to complete this process for each individual entry you plan to withdraw.

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