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How do I Withdraw My Entries from FanDuel?
How do I Withdraw My Entries from FanDuel?
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While you can manually withdraw entries on FanDuel, it is tedious to do and difficult to find, and the easiest way to quickly bulk withdraw entries is going to be to send a message to support.

1. Click the “?” icon in the upper right, and then click “Support”

2. Click the “Chat with an Expert” button in the bottom right.

3. Enter your information, and in the subject line, enter: “Withdraw entries for username: [YOUR USERNAME]”

4. Once you are connected with an agent, request them withdraw you from all the contests you wish to exit. We’ve written a template that is easy to quickly copy and paste:


Please withdraw my entries and refund my entry fees for the [SPORT] [SLATE NAME] for my FanDuel username [YOUR USERNAME].

Thank you!

In the event that you need to manually withdraw entries, follow these steps.

1. Click the “Upcoming” link in the main navigation.

2. Click “Show Entries” below the lineup that you want to cancel entries for. If you just have reserved entries, you won’t see the lineup and instead will just see the “Cancel” option shown in Step 3.

3. Click the “Cancel” link, and then confirm in the pop-up.

You’ll need to complete this process for each individual entry you plan to withdraw.

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