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The build screen is for the fine-tuning and final quality control of your lineups. We build you a large pool of lineups that are viable for the contest and sort them top to bottom by their Saber score or what we believe to be your highest upside lineups at the top. Use the build screen as an opportunity to manage your risk by editing player exposures, prune lineups away that you don't want, and overall dialing your lineup portfolio.

Let's talk about a couple useful features here. You can directly edit the minimum and maximum exposure to different players, teams, game stacks, and stack types all in the build screen. When we do so, we sort through the large pool of lineups built and find the best number of lineups you actually need that match all of your custom exposure settings. You can also filter through the pool of lineups by any combination of different players, teams, game stacks, and stack types, and either manually include or exclude lineups or even trash all lineups that include a certain combination of players all at once.

The tables on this screen can also be totally customized to your liking. You can drag and drop to resort the exposure table, add or remove columns, including data from the projections tab, and on the lineups, you can add or remove the columns you want to see for the data on the actual lineups. The best practices for the build screen are as follows: first, study your exposures and leverage to different players and stacks, and make adjustments to manage your risk to a comfortable level. Your exposure is the percentage of lineups that you have with that player, and leverage is your exposure minus the ownership projection. The higher or lower your leverage on a particular player, the more upside potential, but also the riskier the position. So make adjustments to your minimum and maximum exposures until you're satisfied with the risk versus upside trade-off on each player.

Your entire pool of lineups is viable for the contest. So don't be afraid to make adjustments here. As you're changing and editing minimum and maximum exposures, we're purely sorting through that pool of however many lineups to find the best 20, 150, or however many lineups you need that match your exposures. This is the best spot to start adding value to the SaberSim process for beginners. So adjust these exposures and fine-tune until you're happy with the lineups. If you have any other questions about the rest of the lineup-building process on SaberSim, check out some of the other tutorial videos in the app. And if you have other questions about other features on the build screen, check out the other videos in our support documentation. In the meantime, thanks and good luck.

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